Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post-It Note Geek

Since they were invented, I have been moderately obsessed with Post-It Notes. I've used them for bookmarks, section tabs for my Pearl Jam tour binder when I'm on the road, I use them daily at work for fax transmittals, special notes, the normal stuff. 1 1/2" x 2" pastel plain and 3" x 3" yellow lined (in a pop-up dispenser) are fixtures on my desk and used daily. I have a collection of novelty pre-printed ones that dates back to 1985 (I think the oldest one I have is one that has a bull in the corner standing on a pile of papers that reads "Bullsheet"). Hands down, the best current purveyor of pre-printed novelty Post-Its is I want pretty much everything they sell, and order a small selection from them a couple of times a year. I had to limit myself, because I mean - they rule! My recent purchases are:

KnockKnock has tons of other tchotchkes that are macabre but fun (my favorite combo), so poking around their site is highly recommended.

I have seen Post-It Elvii artwork, Post-It wallpaper - now that was a great idea! It was on one of those HG-TV shows I watch - someone did a whole wall, maybe 6 feet square, of 3" x 3" notes in vibrant colors, and had them several layers deep so when they soiled, discolored or were written on, a new one could be exposed. Coolness! What reminded me of my obsession was this amazing video that was on the news the other night about a gentleman who made a Mona Lisa out of Post-It's. 12,000 notes, and 40 hours of work. Check it, yo!

In the ultimate Post-It Geek coup, I went to an office products show with my friend Jane sometime back yonder in the 1990's, and Arthur Fry, the inventor of Post-Its, was appearing at the 3M booth. As soon as we found out he was there, we made a bee line for him and got on our knees in homage to the great man -we seriously prostrated ourselves, bowing down, hands in the air in a "we're not worthy" way. Mr. Fry was so very sweet, dismissing our reverence and insisting we stand, saying "No bowing, hugging!" and he welcomed our embrace. We thanked him for the positive impact he has had on our lives, and feel lucky to have been able to meet the man.

(In other news, my posting topic reminds me of that song by Fred Blassie that Dr. Demento used to play all the time, Pencil-Necked Geek...if Fred was around today, he'd sing it for me. "Nothing but a Post-It Note Geek" and the chorus would sing "Post-It Note Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeek" in a haunting undertone). Yeah, taking too far once again.

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