Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Brothers Gibb

My popwhoredom goes way back, and I was reminded of one of my early music loves today while listening to a Starbuck's compilation CD entitled "Hail Britannia" that a friend burned for me. Sure, they may be known to some folks more for Jimmy Fallon's SNL Parody Talk Show or for the nutstranglingly high falsetto voices from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, but The Bee Gees are an old-time love affair of mine that was in place way before Barry Gibb's tight satin pants. "New York Mining Disaster 1941" is one of my all time faves of theirs, and I firmly recommend the below Best of compilation. Dated maybe, but the songs are classic little wonders. Next best disc: Main Course.

I'm not fancy enough to offer audio files yet, but maybe one day...for now look at the purty pictures and take my word for it. And for the record, Maurice (rest his soul) was my favorite. He was damned hilarious!

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