Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Blog Lists

Just wanted to point out that I added a couple of lists along the left column of my blog. One is "Go To TV Shows" and the other is "Go To Movies." The TV shows list consists of currently broadcasted shows that I watch now, or formerly broadcasted shows that I own on DVD that I watch often (Doctor Who is in heavy rotation of late). The Movies list are long-time faves that I either own on DVD and watch constantly, or they might be ones that I find myself watching every time they are on TV. Many times, it's both. Even if I own a movie, usually I can't help watching it when it's on! In fact, it was Gosford Park that started me wanting to do this list; it was on IFC recently and I watched it not once but twice in the same night. And I own it! Reviewing the list made me realize just how light-hearted and seemingly child-like my taste is. Yeah, so I'm an overgrown kid! You'll find no Schindler's List or Bergman films there. Certainly I love many other movies, I just might not feel compelled to own or re-watch (Dancer In The Dark or Pan's Labyrinth, anyone?).
Anyway, since creating said lists, I keep thinking of more to add, so check for updates often. :)

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