Monday, September 15, 2008

A Dark Day

Pink Floyd is very big in our house -Rob's first concert was the Animals tour in 1977 at the Oakland Coliseum. (I mean, we have a cat named Emily after the song See Emily Play). So it took my breath away to read that founding member Richard Wright has died of cancer today at the age of 65. Shocking - Rob gasped when I called to break the news. We loved Richard, we'll miss him, and we're grateful to have the incredible legacy of his music to sustain us. My favorite Richard song is Paint Box, (that's old school!) but he's probably more known for Us and Them from Dark Side of The Moon. He deserves the brightest place in eternity for living a life of quiet integrity amidst the turmoil being in Pink Floyd undoubtedly brought to his life. In the older picture, Richard is the handsome devil in white on the far left; in the more recent photo he's still looking good in white some 40 years later, sandwiched between Roger and Dave (that is one taken of the boys the last time they played together at Live 8- July 2, 2005).... Rest in the most serene peace, Richard.


Rob said...

On a more personal note. Richard is in a strange way responsible for Kathy and I being married. Pink Floyd were my first real musical love, ever since I heard the opening strains of DSotM in 1974. Before them, my musical tastes ran more to Classical, having played the Clarinet in our school's band since 3rd grade. Hence began a great love affair with the band and, if I had to cite one single influence on eventually learning to play keyboards/synths, it would be Mr. Wright. As some might know, we met in a band in which I did just that. Even decades after they stopped making music, I still listen to their albums more then I care to admit to, and usually to the period during which his songwriting and playing played a larger part (Piper at the gates of Dawn thru Wish you Were Here) in the bands make-up.


KD said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Thanks for the sweet comment, honey. 22 years of marriage we owe to Richard. :)